The Kitchen Is Where the Knives Are

by The Neutral States

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released September 3, 2016

The Neutral States are:
Elescia Eisler: Bass, vocals
Jonathan Hayden: Drums, vocals, percussion
Lee Shedden: Guitar, vocals, percussion
Andrew Wedderburn: Guitar, vocals

also featuring
The Union Choir (Goon Squad edition):
Becky Salmond, Carmen Paterson, Laurel Green, Nicola Cavanaugh, Allen Baekeland, Jasmine Retzer, Joan Sarro, Sara Wilson, and Chris Neville

Lorrie Matheson: Keyboards, percussion

produced by Lorrie Matheson

mastered by Everett Young at Modern Mastering



all rights reserved


The Neutral States Calgary, Alberta

noisy pop band seeks same for good times, hearing damage

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Track Name: Coming Down Hard
Are you really such a renegade or are you playing a part? You stayed up all night drinking lemonade and now you're coming down hard. Cupid's arrow flies straight and true through the windshield of your car. I bet that archer knows a thing or two about coming down hard. You've got one foot in your mouth and the other on your heart. A game of Twister can sure head south if you're coming down hard.
Track Name: Lofidelity
If there's a change in your weather don't bother to let me know. If you want to just be my brother that's not what I signed up for. Took it too fast, took it too hard: thin odds on black ice. Flowers and cross on the highway's ours 'cause you never think twice and if you ever need somebody around don't call on me 'cause I won't be around. I think you're gonna need somebody around but I won't be around. Sick of thinking 'bout where our lives are. Tired of trying to figure out where we stand. The kitchen's where the knives are; what's that in my hand? I've got one in my hand.
Track Name: More Stoner Rock!
You can try to get by, investing the Jimmy Buffett way or spend your life with a knife stabbing back for executive pay. You can shoot for the stratosphere or just kick back and crack a beer but I advise you get wise, look inside and get with the program. Grubbing 'round underground trying to scrounge up authentic experience 'cause you've been given easy living all your life and now you need something more intense. Take the world in your teenage hand, tightrope walking before you can stand, but don't it blow when you know you can't grow 'cause you're not with the program? Ain't it great when your straight job lets you live your crooked little way and the haters and the sayers of the nay have hardly got any nay to say? Piss to find where the fences are or try to muzzle the dog star. Shut your hole, dig your soul and just know you can get with the program. Make a fuss 'cause it's them versus us and you're one of the good guys. Never mind, you're as blind as each other 'cause you see through the same eyes. Ritual in the stadium: irradiate 'em with uranium. Go ahead, slap each other dead and leave the rest of us with the program.
Track Name: Realistic
Who's been drinking beer from a busted cup? Who's been fucking up and not fessing up? Who's the chief vampire of energy? Who isn't realistic? Who's been smashing pencils with paperweights? Now who's breaking limits with 'Skatch plates? Who's riding with the Nephews of Anarchy? Who's been heavy hit with the hearing loss? Who's trying to rake it in on a coin toss? Who's been making shit up since who knows when? Who's been singing "lemons on sale again"? Who's been staking claims on the Zuider Zee? Who isn't realistic? Who's afraid not to be not unafraid? Who don't seem to care if they're getting paid? Who's giving that genius away for free? Who isn't realistic? Who's been making free with the mazel tov? Then who's calling in with the kennel cough? Who's been deking every authority? Who isn't realistic? Who's trying to make up for a missing youth by setting up a streetcorner kissing booth? Who can't handle the truth? Who's been sleeping out under ferris wheels? Who's been skating 'round on banana peels? Who's trying to shag the Statue of Liberty? Who isn't realistic? Who's been drinking beer from a busted cup? Who's been fucking up and not fessing up?
Track Name: Strange Reaction
And I'm lost and I've lost all belief in my spirit guide, wind-whipped and country-fried. Let's take this one outside and I've been travelling, been rambling around the arena of the vacant mind, moon-licked and preoccupied, let's fall out of sight: strange reaction. I wanna stroll you, want to perambulate you around the fields of golden light, freed from tyrant time. Let's take this one outside: strange reaction. You get what you get and the smoke from your cigarette is like a halo 'round your head. You get what you get and it's four in the afternoon and you just got out of bed. Baby, it's a long way down.
Track Name: The Fix
These are the things that got you harassed: your skinny arms, your bleeding heart, you're kind of cruel, you showed you're smart, you played it dumb, you love your mom, you never speak, you won't shut up. There's tension in ten different tenses. They always said you could win if you'd swing for the fences, now nobody knows where the money went. It used to just fall like the rain on the pavement. Which way will you go: collapse or explode? Don't talk about what's got you possessed: what turns your crank, what gets you off, where you're weak, the ones you love, what keeps you on the rails, why you embrace your private jail. They know we're way too invested to come to our senses. Suburban jackrabbits stay brave, though it ends every time with you smeared on the pavement. They don't know which way's up since they kiboshed the census. There's nobody like you in parliament; they don't know what it's like to spend nights on the pavement. You're not human so much as an arsenal of defences. We march down the sidewalk in lockstep, hands in our pockets and our eyes on the pavement. Which way will you go?